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Empowering Writers takes a unique approach to live event writing instruction, emphasizing the connection between good writing skills and literacy achievement.

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Empowering Writers In Action Blog

Uploading Lessons for Distance Learning

Good morning to all of my teacher friends:) What a crazy last few weeks it has been for most of us. This morning I am working on getting my lessons for next week on my google classroom. I made [...]

Test Prep: Creating Voice in Writing

Creating writers who stand out by their unique writing choices is important. A writer's tone, choice of words, subject matter, and sentence structure all play a part in creating an author's voice. [...]

First Grade Samples: The Armadillo Rodeo

Our first graders were busy as can be working on their Texas history this last month. Look at these cute samples! During the week, the students were working on sound words. They also talked about [...]

Test Prep Week One

As the year winds down, many of you are now in preparation for your state testing. Benchmarks are finished and now we are deciding where we go from here? What tweaks in our instruction do we need [...]

March Lessons of the Month

I loved putting together the March lessons, and I can't wait to share them with you! This month’s lessons are all about the power of our words. In any genre that our students write, we want to [...]

Sentence Variety and Word Choice: Abominable Snowman

Burrr... It sure has been cold up here in the Texas Panhandle! Perfect timing to share our abominable snowman writing descriptive segments. We had a lot of fun writing about these winter [...]

Analyzing Your Students' Introductions

It is that time of year, where we are beginning to put full pieces together, and I have been working with several grade levels the last two weeks writing introductions. As writing teachers, we [...]

When I Flip,YOU Flip,WE flip...

 As writers, I want my students to be able to showcase skills that they learn in my class in each piece of writing they do. A good writer shouldn't have only one go to tool that they use in their [...]

Sale Time!!

Moving Sale! Empowering Writers is moving to a new warehouse and we need to clear off our shelves by the end of this week, so order fast! 

February Lessons of the Month

It is my favorite time of the month when I get to share my favorite lessons with you!! I hope you "Fall in Love" with them as much as I did:)) FYI... my sixth graders just finished the grades 2-4 [...]