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What a fun week I had in 2nd grade! I was lucky enough to get to go and share the April lesson of the month with all 5 sections of second grade at our elementary school! If you haven't got to download the lesson of the month yet, click here to use with your class this week in celebration of Earth Day.

We started the lesson off by reading the book Magic Trash by author J.H. Shapiro. The second grade teachers also shared some of the videos and pictures of the houses on Heidelberg Street to inspire the students. We talked about how fun it would be to join in the fun and design a house of our own as the "newest addition" to the neighborhood! So, I began my modeled lesson by having the students help me brainstorm what my house should look like. We charted all of the different ideas using the detail generating questions that are included in the lesson.



Students then borrowed ideas from the chart or came up with some of their own and sketched out their house.IMG_3854     IMG_3852-e1555885746414

Next, I helped them create a word referent chart for house so that it would not be repeated over and over throughout the piece. 


The lesson plan also includes sentences starters for you to use in your modeled piece and your students to use in their sample. Here is my modeled picture and sample that I wrote with the students. I made sure to point out the importance of including all of the specific details that I wanted on my house both in my drawing and my writing!


 IMG_3914     IMG_3911

For fun, our students created a picture with water colors of their house that matched their writing sample! Oh the power of details! Check out these 2nd Grade samples!



Be sure to check out more samples on our teacher created Facebook page!