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Empowering Writers takes a unique approach to live event writing instruction, emphasizing the connection between good writing skills and literacy achievement.

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Brave Irene Student Samples- You Want This Lesson!

     How are your students in analytical writing? How about reading a story and actually understanding the author's purpose and story elements? I couldn't help but share these second grade Brave [...]

Practice with Coordinating Conjunctions

I'm always looking for meaningful bell work that can pack a big teaching point in 5 minutes or less! Last week, my sixth graders were reviewing types of sentences and conjunctions. For bell work, [...]

January Lesson: The Most Perfect Snowman Modeled Lesson and Student Samples

     I have been busy trying to get mid year testing done in my own classroom, but was finally I was able to get going on the grade 2-4 January lesson this week in Mrs. Porter's class. I love, [...]

The Lonely Snowflake- K-1 Lesson

The Lonely Snowflake was hit today in kindergarten. We started the lesson off by sorting the book cover into the narrative category on their genre chart and talking about how we knew that this was [...]

Brave Irene: Book Cover & Story Elements Lesson

We love Brave Irene and EW book cover lessons at our school!  Want to join in with us on this lesson?  Click the book cover templates below to download and then copy them double sided! Just post a [...]

Teacher Modeling: Pick- List- Choose

My class started the January lesson of the month with a seven day process piece about having a "growth mindset" in 2020. Yesterday, I showed them the vision boards and also discussed what a growth [...]

Kinder Lesson of the Month- Student Samples

Oh my goodness! I had so much fun in kindergarten today. Let me tell you, those little cuties sure keep you on your toes! I was in a hurry to get from my classroom on one campus to the elementary [...]

January Lessons of the Month

I know, I know... I say this every month, but I am SO excited to share the January lessons with you!!! They are packed with social-emotional lesson connections in a nice cozy winter theme:) Be [...]