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Empowering Writers takes a unique approach to live event writing instruction, emphasizing the connection between good writing skills and literacy achievement.

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     How are your students in analytical writing? How about reading a story and actually understanding the author's purpose and story elements? I couldn't help but share these second grade Brave Irene samples. Yes, second grade. I am just blown away at how far the students are coming each year at our school. Common vocabulary, assured experiences, and commitment to the bigger picture has really pushed us further than I think any of our teachers expected. IMG_8925

     These students' samples have been the entire year in the making. Mrs. Harter has practiced these analytical skills in reading and writing all year long and has slowly put them together one piece at a time until the students were able to write a sample like this. It is almost as though you can visually see how much the child understood what they were reading through their written sample. I'm telling you, four years ago when I was still teaching fourth grade I would have died to get student samples like this. But more than that, the writing is taking on so much more power as students begin to now be able to express their understanding as readers through their writing.



IMG_8924     Fun art connection using pastels :)IMG_8923

I absolutely love walking through our halls and seeing all of the writing hanging up! This is such a difference over the last three years as we have transitioned into using EW k-8. And I love all of the fun art connections that are done to help keep our students engaged and proud of the work they have up for display.