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k1Kind    If you do not have this book in your library, it is a must have! Short, sweet and to the point, it tells of a little girl's day at school and all of the ways that she shows kindness to others. I used this book to kick off the May K-1 lesson of the month- making a friendship book. As I read the book out loud, I let the students share with each page, a time that either they or one of their friends, has shown kindness in the same way that Maddy in the book did. This got their minds going! And can I just say, I absolutely LOVE teaching 6th grade, but when I go into the kindergarten classes they just brighten my day with their sweet smiles and tiny voices!

Download the May Lesson of the Month Here


 After finishing the book, we added to my chart paper ways that a good friend would be kind. Then, their teacher gave them each a sticky note with a classmate's name on it. Each student took a turn saying something nice from the chart that the friend on their sticky note does, and shared a quick example that went with it. Their faces lit up when their friends began to speak about them:) 😁😁I'm pretty sure that those sweeties are going to be treating everyone with as many acts of kindness as they can!

 IMG_4451-e1557493902833     IMG_4256-e1557494271748

These little ones were anxious to get started on their papers after we shared about each other! Mrs. Gross went over the expectations for the pictures that they were going to be drawing. (Because I did not know that you should color with one color for every year old you are!) We also talked about looking at their friend to see how to draw them, What color of shirt are they wearing? Do the have a bow in their hair? and so on. As students went back to their seat, they took their sticky note with them and copied their friend's name on their paper under the picture frame.

IMG_4457-e1557494072718     IMG_4455-e1557494618407     IMG_4456-e1557494132190     


We will finish writing about each friend on Monday! Once they are finished, each page in the book will be copied and stapled for the kids to get to take home with them as an end of the year memory book of their class. Check back to see the finished products next week!