6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

Student Samples & Modeled Lesson: Perspective/POV

by Kylene Reed, on Sep 4, 2019 10:14:03 PM

Wow! This turned out to be one of my favorite lessons I’ve done! Have you downloaded the August lesson of the month on point of view and perspective? If not, it is NOT too late! This lesson will last you all year. Just click the book to download it now!

pasted image 0 (1) 


Day ONE,  I used the link to the video reading of the book. After each new character was introduced, I paused and had the students take a few notes about that character’s perspective on the cat, and then continued the video. We discussed what determined the animals perception of the cat. Was it a predator, a friend, or maybe a rival?? 

Students took notes from book on the back of the handout that is included with the lesson:

IMG_6712     IMG_6715

After we were done with the book, I modeled with students from the perspective of the mouse written in first person POV. We talked about what the mouse might say and do, and also came up with word referents for the cat from the mouse's point of view. 

My modeled sample first person:


On the back, beside where they took notes, students worked with their table groups to repeat the process of writing from the mouse's perspective in first first person. They were able to borrow from my modeled sample. We shared those aloud before the bell rang for the day!

Student group samples with notes from book.

IMG_6715     IMG_6712

Day TWO students chose another character from the book, and recreated the first person point of view from that animal's perspective. I made sure to remind them that they could use their group work and my sample as a guide or template. After they finished, I then modeled 3rd person POV with the cat/mouse to end my class period.

My modeled sample 3rd person:


DAY THREE When the students came into class on the third day, they wrote a sample with their group from 3rd person POV cat/mouse to share, and then began their own choice character from the book to write in 3rd person. We finished up by adding illustrations!The finished products are SO good!! I was really proud of my students' creativity and voice that really stood out in their paragraphs. I have included several samples below! Remember, this is a skill that we teach in much lower grades as well. So borrow from me, and simplify the process so that you can use this in any grade level!

IMG_6708  IMG_6716

IMG_6711  IMG_6713


Check back later this week for the next step in this lesson. What do you want others perception of you to be? I think it would be great to also use this lesson with a chapter book that you are reading in class! Lots of possibilities!


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