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Empowering Writers takes a unique approach to live event writing instruction, emphasizing the connection between good writing skills and literacy achievement.

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What is the Hub?

by Empowering Writers is a powerful tool for teachers and curriculum leaders – an interactive 360-degree online resource that combines professional development, digital teaching tools, how-to demonstration videos and direct to student content.  Take me there!

My friend Mrs. Porter teaches 2nd grade, and she always does the cutest lessons in her class. Today, they were reading nonfiction books about spiders and then writing informational sentences about what they learned. Writing a response to the text that we read is an important component in understanding what we read. When our students can write effectively about what they read their level of comprehension deepens.  Of course, the finished products are adorable. This is what makes Empowering Writers so effective at out school... You can teach it with any teaching style. The same teachers in the entire school could be using common vocabulary, common practices, and all of the products could look different depending on the teacher's teaching style. Some might make a book, others just write sentences, or you can add an art connection!

We are building that foundation!! So exciting. Thanks to Melanie for sharing these samples with me today! Feel free to give this lesson a try! You will find the informational/ response to text sentence starters that she used in your expository grade level guides. Each lesson should always stem back to genre and author's purpose. Why are we reading this? What is the purpose of our writing? Enjoy!


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