Assured Experiences and Common Vocabulary

Read Time 1 mins | April 25, 2021 | Written by: Kylene Reed

The cornerstone of the Empowering Writers' approach is consistency, common vocabulary, and assured experiences. When you have this alignment across grade levels students are able to build on that knowledge and pass it on! See skills in action as this first grader shares their writing. 

Each year, my sixth graders partner up and help the first-grade students with their end-of-the-year research piece. This time, we changed it up a bit and my kids helped them with their "All About The Author" page. Literally, Mrs. Rider and I did NOTHING!! We just stood back, watched, and enjoyed the 6th graders model, ask productive questions, and guide the first graders. It was so much fun! 

1st3     1st2

1st41st5Here are a couple of their finished writing samples!

Kylene Reed