Student with Dyslexia - Before and After Samples

Read Time 2 mins | April 21, 2019 | Written by: Kylene Reed

It is that time of year when I begin to reflect on how far my students have come, and what I still need to get done before school is out! As I was looking through some of my beginning and mid year samples it hit me just how far my kids have grown as writers! I could not wait to share with you! 

6th Grade Student #1- Beginning of the year: How to be prepared for school...


6th Grade Student #1- Mid year:  Australian Animal Research Piece

Dyslexic2   Dyslexic3

Now this is where I get teary eyed typing to all of you reading my blog. Empowering Writers has CHANGED MY LIFE, but more than that, it is changing the lives of so many students around me.I am so lucky to get to share with all of you how writing looks in my classroom and at my school district.  This specific child is dyslexic and writing was his least favorite subject at the beginning of this year. Now, he is enjoying my class, as well as learning how to read and write with passion! BIG things are happening for us at Bushland ISD, and I hope that my lessons and samples are helping to inspire you as well! 

For more information on teaching writing to students with dyslexia and activities to use in your classroom click here.

Kylene Reed