5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response
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5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

Surviving the first week back!

Kylene Reed
February 22, 2019


What a wonderful week it has been!

Our first day back to school this January was met with smiling faces and excited kids, ready to see the friends they missed over the winter break!  It was a wonderful blessing to be part of such a special day.  The week has continued to be just as great as we begin to get back into our routines.  I’m looking forward to another great semester at Bushland Middle School.

I recently created a Facebook group called Love to Write and Read All-Day for teachers using Empowering Writers to share their student samples, EW lesson ideas, and questions.  I will also be giving away lots of FREEBIES here, so add your friends!  I love being able to have a place where we can all work together!

So click below to head on over to the FB group, and upload a picture of you in your classroom!  Let me know that you survived the beginning of the New Year too!

Love To Write and Read All-Day Facebook link






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