5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response
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5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

In My Heart- Social Emotional Learning Lesson

Kylene Reed
January 31, 2023

inmyheart7-1I've had many emails asking for this lesson again. If you do not have the book In My Heart, you need to add it to your Amazon cart asap:) If you haven't downloaded the lesson yet, click here!

This time of year can become a little stressful, trying to cram in as many skills and strategies as possible in preparation for state testing. Students, as well as teachers, start to feel the stress level rising. To build in some social-emotional learning, this lesson will offer your students the language they might need to express their emotions. Build in plenty of time to discuss their emotions and allow students to build awareness of their feelings. 



I would love to see your student samples on my FB group! 

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