Martin Luther King/Black History Month- Vocabulary Lesson

Read Time 2 mins | January 14, 2024 | Written by: Kylene Reed

Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary…

As I look through scored state writing tests, students who had a variety of vocabulary and word choice scored at a much higher level than those students who were using more mundane and repeated language.  Here is a great tool for your students to use in their writing pieces.  It is quick and easy to create and so powerful!  For teachers in the state of Texas, our students now get to use a dictionary on our state test, making this strategy easier than ever!

Here is a quick and easy activity to use for Martin Luther King Day that is coming up this month. Are you needing an easy, but powerful lesson to use in your classroom?


Word Referents are taught in Empowering Writers' guides from Kindergarten through 8th grade! The only thing that changes is the level of vocabulary that your students are producing. Is your campus using common strategies and language when teaching writing? Share this strategy with them!

Check out this student sample!





Kylene Reed