Practice with Coordinating Conjunctions

Read Time 1 mins | January 26, 2020 | Written by: Kylene Reed

I'm always looking for meaningful bell work that can pack a big teaching point in 5 minutes or less! Last week, my sixth graders were reviewing types of sentences and conjunctions. For bell work, I gave them two simple sentences and asked that they combine them using the best coordinating conjunction to join the two. Then, I added an EW brushstroke! I had them add in a word referent instead of repeating the subject or adding a pronoun. Here is an example from the first day. I had three sentences up "The Before" and then students revised them for "The After" poster. Each day, I let a different three people add one of their sentences to the chart. Just a quick easy lesson that really helped the students in their writing!

combining sentences, word referents, grammar, sample


Kylene Reed