5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response
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5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

Pronoun Dominoes

Kylene Reed
January 31, 2021

We have been reviewing pronouns and antecedents in class the last week and we ended with a game of pronoun dominoes! If you have the 4th Grade Editing and Revising Guide, this lesson might look familiar to you:) I just took it a step further by having the students create their own domino set after we had done the sample one together. There are a few included with the PDF, but I laughed so hard at the one this group created from the show,  The Office. If you watch this, you might remember this episode as well! lol I let the students choose any topic they wanted as the "theme" for their dominoes. A movie, sports, a book, a video game and so on.

I would love to share this lesson with you!

Download Pronoun Domino Set

I just gave the students small sentence strips from the Dollar Store, but this could be done on plain paper or digitally as well! Enjoy:)

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