5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

Response to Informational Texts: First Grade

Kylene Reed
January 14, 2024

It's never too early to begin teaching our students how to write about what they are reading. Our first-grade smarties have been studying all about MLK Jr! We took the lesson in the first-grade guide: Response to Informational Texts to guide us as we learned all about this honored man. 

Each day we read a little about Martin Luther King Jr. At the end of the informational text, the teacher charted notes in bullet form about what the students learned.



Then, students used sentence starters to frame up the sentence and combined it with one of the notes from the information they had learned to create informational sentences on MLK JR. 




And we topped the lesson off with a directed draw for the cover of our writing booklet!


They were SO proud of their own writing that they wouldn't even let Mrs. Lara hang it in the hallway. They wanted to take it home immediately so they could read it to their parents. THIS is what makes kids love to write. Feeling successful and excited creates a passion for learning. 

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