6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

The Mitten: Suspense Riddles

Kylene Reed
January 31, 2021


This lesson has become one of our all time favorites in 2nd grade. You know how you plan a lesson and sometimes its good, other times it's better than you expect :), and then, every once in a while, there are those lessons that just blow you away and end up becoming one of your favorites! Well this lesson on suspenseful riddles comes from one of my staple winter books The Mitten by Jan Brett, and it ending up being one of our favorites last January.

I have included the link to the lesson plan at the bottom of the page!

We started the lesson by reading aloud the book and listing out the animals that hid in the mitten throughout. Then I modeled hints about the rabbit using clues that the students helped me write. We then talked about which of the hints gave away the fact that I was writing about a rabbit and which were less specific. This helped them to see how to save the specific clues until the end when we wanted to give it away!

rabbit clues rabbit hints

Check out some of our second graders' samples below and then click the book to download the entire lesson and all of my modeled charts. I am sure this is going to be one of your favorite lessons as well. 

suspense, lesson, sample, literature connectionsuspense, lesson, sample, literature connection

suspense, lesson, sample, literature connectionsuspense, lesson, sample, literature connection

Click the book below to download this lesson for your class! And please don't forget to share a sample or two on my Facebook group- Love to Write and Read All-Day 

suspense, lesson, sample, literature connection

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