6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

When I Flip,YOU Flip,WE flip...

Kylene Reed
February 12, 2020

 As writers, I want my students to be able to showcase skills that they learn in my class in each piece of writing they do. A good writer shouldn't have only one go to tool that they use in their writing, but rather an entire toolbox that is filled with great techniques that help them to add sentence variety and voice.  Here is a super simple skill that I practice in isolation with my students, teaching them how to flip their sentence. I like for them to have one flip the sentence in each paragraph which really helps to break up the piece so that it doesn't sound boring. Start out with a simple sentence, separate subject and predicate, and then FLIP! Next, have students elaborate key words that hold meaning and can be used to create an image in reader's mind. FYI- It might be best to underline which words you want them to elaborate on:) Then, for my class, I was also teaching correlative conjunctions, so I had them add one of those to the end! BIG difference in where they started with the simple sentence, and it tool less that five minutes. This makes a great bell work lesson! Here are my modeled charts below from their Growth Mindset essays.

Student Writing Sample, sentence variety, voice, detail, elaborate, grammar  Writing skills, sentence variety, voice, detail, elaborate, grammar

Writing skills, sentence variety, voice, detail, elaborate, grammar

I have also included the PowerPoint from the HUB to help you out!

Hub, Flip the Sentence Skill Power, sentence variety


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