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Empowering Writers takes a unique approach to live event writing instruction, emphasizing the connection between good writing skills and literacy achievement.

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What is the Hub?

by Empowering Writers is a powerful tool for teachers and curriculum leaders – an interactive 360-degree online resource that combines professional development, digital teaching tools, how-to demonstration videos and direct to student content.  Take me there!

This summer I am extremely lucky to get to be sharing my love for reading and writing with teachers all around. This last week, I was in Fort Smith, Arkansas where I got to spend a few days working with teachers K-8. The thing about EW that has literally changed my life, is that it is not a cover to cover curriculum that teaches a lesson one time and then you move on. It is just GREAT TEACHING TOOLS that are given to the teacher to then use in every lesson possible! And it has made myself and my students love writing. If you have noticed, I am an ELA teacher, but my content is taught in through various topics that my students are learning about in other classes. This week was just a reminder to me that there is no limit to the places you can fit Empowering Writer's into your day. Check out these K-1 teachers, as they brainstormed units that they teach throughout their year, and how they are going to be using EW in them! ... and Flamingos??? I want to visit their classes! SO FUN! Make EW your OWN, and love what you do! 😍

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