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I have had a blast in 2nd grade this week with the book A Bad Case of Stripes

Day One: We read the book and then students helped me chart other ideas that you could have a bad case of! We started with the few it gave in the book, and then it took off like crazy! Students were so excited to come up with silly ideas 

 Then, they chose what they wanted to write about and drew their design on the face template. Here are some of my favorites!! 

             IMG_7518     IMG_7519     IMG_7520     IMG_7516     IMG_7517

Day Two: Today, I modeled writing a descriptive segment that describes a bad case of stripes. Since this was a 2nd-grade class, I went a little slower, and we started writing one sentence at a time. Students helped me choose a sentence starter and then we talked about what we would notice on a person that was striped. With their ideas, and the sentence starters, we built a descriptive sentence. Then, they borrowed from my sentence, changing the parts that were underlined to fit their description.


If you notice in the picture though, it didn't take long for the students to want to take over! I LOVED IT!! They literally raised their hands and asked if they could write the next sentences for the class! So, the students continued the modeling piece FOR ME... yes, 2nd-graders.

Students finished their pieces using the sentence starters and borrowing from our modeled sample.


Their final copies turned out great! Lots of fun was had with a book we all love! Look at their finished samples!

59312326077__479316FD-8D91-463E-B751-9C7312D0BD1F-1     59312319081__40913B8D-E289-4227-A659-43BD5685C024

59312317509__12280F12-1E20-4B56-AD0E-A65BB4417078    59312322052__4FFF9548-D61F-4A36-A1F4-C44243F09E93

59312340749__4267681F-935B-488D-B0B6-C7E72B7B8EAD-1     59312328357__C8307BE0-5760-4231-BEAF-895160074F23


59312331963__6340F331-EB5F-482C-AD8E-29EC46E1E46B-1     59312316181__541E746A-D63E-4937-AA9D-4A7F05E1DEFB-1


59312314724__2E1FBE0C-822D-4C86-9078-51290EB4F839-1     59312323187__2825FD57-15AB-4535-9753-2F5D6E6C5038

Want to teach this lesson too?? Click the pictures to download templates below.

Face Template Girl    Face Template Boy    Writing Template     Sentence Starters

Please, please share samples from your class using this free resource on my FB page! Love to Write and Read All Day