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There are lots of fun mentor text out there for teaching point of view, but here is a lesson I did in my class, as an independent practice, after teaching the skill through those great read aloud stories! This idea allowed all of my students the freedom to choose a topic or character that they were interested in. 

For this lesson, I chose a google image of two characters to use for my modeled sample. (the cat and mouse) I had my students choose an image that they could use for their own writing- characters from a movie, book, cartoon, sporting event, etc. 

First, I modeled from the cat's point of view in both first and third person. Students then repeated the process from their first character/object. 


On the next day, I modeled the second character/object using both first and third person POV. 


Here are a few images my students used!

point of view luke   point of view tom   point of view coyotepoint of view simba

Some of my students went above and beyond!! Here is a sample from Star Wars:

IMG_5470     IMG_5471

 IMG_5468     IMG_5469