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Empowering Writers takes a unique approach to live event writing instruction, emphasizing the connection between good writing skills and literacy achievement.

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The Lonely Snowflake was hit today in kindergarten. We started the lesson off by sorting the book cover into the narrative category on their genre chart and talking about how we knew that this was a story and not real. The face on the snowflake really helped to give that away! Next, we discussed together what the word lonely meant and I began reading the story with them. I love how many of the students picked up on the fact that you do not have to be just like someone else to be their friend, and that we can all be friends together. After we finished the story, we wrote about how Snowflake was feeling in the beginning of the story and then how she changed and was happy at the end. I had a few helpers come up and add to my chart as I was writing and included a drawing of her face and a label to her emotion. Next, I wrote the sentence starter on another chart paper for students to then finish. As they told me when they felt lonely, I color coded their answers so that when they went back to their seats they would know which sentence they could look back to for help in their response. Tomorrow, they will write about when they are happy, and Mrs. Spiva is planning to do a feelings book with the students to put their pages together. Finished samples coming to my FB group as soon as they are finished!

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