6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

Get More Details! Activity – Narrative Student Sample

Halting the action is a great strategy to get kids to add elaborative detail to their writing. This activity highlights how to do so. Notice how this student answered the questions.

The following activity is an example of a revision activity for independent practice and application of skills that have been previously taught. As you teach new writing skills you can use this lesson plan to create an opportunity for your students to apply their learning. This is an example of an elaborative detail lesson. It’s a good idea to create a “Before and After” journal
for meaningful practice. These quick writes are also a great opportunity to make it your own.

Before and After Revision Lesson Procedure
• Review the particular skill with the class
• Distribute the “Before” page for Students
• If creating a journal format have them glue the “before” version to the left side of the page
• Read guidelines on “before” page together and discuss
• Have students work independently and circulate as they work
• Share and compare “before” and “after” versions. Discuss the “after” versions as successful revisions.



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