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Narrative Writing Sample- Grade 2

Red Wolves Sample Image copy
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Narrative Writing- Character/Problem/Solution
Grade 2 Sample
Red Wolves


Imagine that you were camping and you hear a noise. You go to investigate. Write a story to tell what you found and what happened next. 

Summarizing Framework:

This story is about me.
The problem was being surrounded by red wolves while camping.
The problem was solved when the wolves decided to leave and I returned to camp.

What worked:

    • The story started as close to the main event as possible.
    • There is a good sense of story with a distinct beginning, middle and end. 
    • The word choice is advanced: sprinted, shadows of trees seemed to reach out and grab me, cold air whipped against my face, eyes like holes staring at me, I stood frozen, cool night.
    • Strong use of the senses in the description of the forest (setting). 
    • What do Feelings Look Like - “My Heart was pounding. I stood frozen.”  
    • Entertaining Beginning:  Sound, thought/question, dialogue, action
    • Great use of red flag words and phrases for a Magic of Three segment of Suspense.
    • Main Event-solution to the problem.
    • Extended endings-memory, decision, wish. 

Feedback with Prescriptive Lesson:

CHOOSE a Focus Skill: What skill will make the biggest impact for this writer?

Main Event:  Extending the main event - meeting the 25 wolves -  using the Menu of Main Event productive questions.

  • Section 5 Lesson 3: Main Event - Guided Practice
  • Section 5 Before and After Revision Activities


This student is already successfully writing a powerful narrative.  This student would benefit from reading her work aloud in order to hear how some of the language is repetitive and the sentence structure is choppy. Additional lessons in extending the main event with slow motion action will enhance the overall story. One way of challenging this writer might be to change the perspective of the story. This is written as a first-person narrative, what about writing this from the point of view of the wolves? Another way to challenge this writer would be to write it in present tense - this is written mostly in past tense.


Download “Red Wolves" Narrative Writing - Grade 2 Sample

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