5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response
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5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

Narrative Writing Sample- Character Problem Solution- Grade 3-

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Narrative Writing- Character/Problem/Solution
Grade 3 Sample
The Growling Snow Monster

Summarizing Framework:

This story is about me.
The problem was about being chased by a snow monster.
The problem was solved when the snow monster melts.

What worked:

  • The story started as close to the main event as possible.
  • There is a sense of story with a beginning, middle and end. (story pattern)
  • The word choice is advanced: word referents have been included: this creature
  • Strong use of the senses in his description of character.
  • Entertaining Beginning:  Sound
  • Use of sentence starters 
  • Extended Ending is evident - feelings

Feedback with Prescriptive Lesson:
CHOOSE a Focus Skill: What skill will make the biggest impact for this writer?

Elaborative Detail: The student needs practice showing instead of telling feelings.

  • Section 3 Lesson 8: Feelings and Showing or Telling

Suspense: The use of red flag words or phrases is an essential skill that would add just a hint of suspense to this story. Ex. Just then, I raced into my classroom and hid in the closet thinking the menacing creature would leave. 

  • Section 4 Lesson 3: Red Flag Words and Phrases

Main Event:  The use of productive questions would allow this student to fully elaborate on the most important part of this story - being chased by a snow monster. Provide students with these productive questions to help them think like an author. Develop this thought process through the modeling process so students have an opportunity to hear the language of an author and develop the skills to effectively elaborate a story.  

  • Section 5 Lesson 1:  Comparing Summaries and Fully Elaborated Main Event
  • Section 5 Lesson 2:  Main Event Scripted Lesson
  • Section 6 Lesson 3:  Main Event Guided Practice

This student will benefit from specific modeled lessons to develop a fully elaborated main event incorporating suspense and feelings.


Download “The Growling Snow Monster" Narrative Writing - Grade 3

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