5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response
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5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

Narrative Writing Sample- Grade 4- Frogs in the Pool

Frogs in the Pool Sample Image
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Narrative Writing
Grade 4 Sample
Frogs in the Pool

Feedback for Improvement

What worked:

  • This is a story with a beginning, middle and end – student understands the essence of story
  • It is a logical story that a reader can follow

Can you summarize this story? 

This is a story about ______________.

The problem/adventure was _____________.

The problem was solved/adventure concluded when ___________.


Feedback with Prescriptive Lesson:
CHOOSE a Focus Skill:

Elaborative Detail: Understanding the difference between general and specific details and being able to generate specific detail through the use of the productive questions.

  • Awareness lesson - General or Specific?
    Understanding the difference between general vs. specific details
  • Creating Elaborative Segments – in particular: Questioning techniques - Productive Questions for Modeling Elaborative Detail
    Hot summer day - I know it is hotter than the blazes out...what else do you see, hear, feel?
    Pool full of frogs-be specific what do you hear, what do you see? (Eyes? Skin? Ripples in the pool? How were they moving?)
  • What do feelings look like? Showing or Telling?
    It is stated in the story that the character was scared. What does scared look like?

Main Event: Needs a mix of action, description (elaborative detail), dialogue, thoughts and feelings. Again, by asking productive questions throughout this section the Main Event would be stretched out.

  • Comparing Summaries and Fully Elaborated Main Events – awareness lesson
  • Main Event – model and Guided Practice using the menu of main event techniques with the productive questions for each

Extended Endings: The ending in this sample is missing. In a nutshell, we know that the character took the littlest frog home. Including a memory, a hope, a wish or a decision would wrap up what was stated throughout this story.

  • Analyze the Ending – awareness lesson
  • Extending this Ending – Model and Guided Practice using the menu of extended endings with the productive questions


Download “Frogs in the Pool" Narrative Writing - Grade 4

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