5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response
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5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

Personal Experience Narrative Sample- Grade 5

Personal Exp Jason Sample Image(Click image to download sample and feedback)

Personal Experience Narrative
Grade 5 Sample

Jason.PENarr.ImageSummarizing Framework

This is a story about my friend Jason and me.
The experience was going on the Omega ramp at a skateboard park.
The experience concluded when I am successful on the ramp with Jason’s support.  

What worked:

  • Entertaining Beginning:  There is a sense of story with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Extended Ending:  There is a successful ending that is clear to the reader.
  • The theme of friendship is evident in the story.


Feedback with Prescriptive Feedback:

CHOOSE a Focus Skill: One skill that will make the biggest impact

Entertaining Beginnings:  

  • Section 2 Lesson 1: Starting Off on the Right Foot
  • Section 2 Lesson 2: Analyze the Beginning
  • Section 2 Lesson 3: Revising Story Beginnings

Elaborative Detail: This student needs modeled lessons in description of setting and feelings.  Elaborative detail is a critical foundational skill that builds the essential parts of the narrative story. 

  • Section 3 Lesson 3: General or Specific?  The awareness level for elaborative detail.
  • Section 3 Lesson 5: Creating Elaborative Segments (modeling is crucial)

Main Event: Student needs to elaborate the main event by answering the productive questions.

  • Section 5 Lesson 1: Comparing Summaries and Fully Elaborated Main Events
  • Section 5 Lesson 2: Main Event- students apply the productive questioning techniques in order to fully elaborate a main event.  (scripted model lesson)

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Download "Jason" Personal Experience Narrative - Grade 5 Sample

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