6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

Toolbox / Grade 8

Toolbox / Grade 8

How do others perceive you? How is it that two people can look at the same thing, but see something entirely different? In this lesson students will listen to the …

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Topics:Lesson of the MonthGrades 6-8Grade 8Grade 6Grade 7

In this lesson students will learn to identify the productive questions that author's use to generate specific elaborative detail and then use those questions to generate a segment of their own …

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Topics:Grade 5Lesson of the MonthGrades 6-8Grade 8Grade 6Grade 7

Blank Unit Template for Informational Writing Grades 2-8 Downloads Blank Unit Template …

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Topics:Grade 3Grade 4Grade 2Grade 5StandardArkansasScope & Sequence GuidesGrade 8Grade 6Grade 7Massachusetts

Downloads Grade 8 Scope and Sequence Guide: Narrative Grade 8 Pacing Guide: Expository & Opinion Writing Guide for Grade 8 (Full Year) Grade 8 Pacing Guide: Expository & Opinion Writing …

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Topics:Scope & Sequence GuidesGrade 8Massachusetts

Downloads Grade 8 Pacing Guide: All Genres Grade 8 Pacing Guide: Narrative (2019 Edition) Grade 8 Pacing Guide: Narrative Grade 8 Pacing Guide: Expository & Opinion Writing Guide for Grade …

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Topics:ArkansasScope & Sequence GuidesGrade 8

Download the files to see the 2019-2020 TEKS alignment for the Expository Guide for Grade 8 Writing lessons. Downloads Download Expository Guide - Grade 8 - 2019-20 TEKS Lesson Alignment …

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Topics:TEKS Alignment DocumentsGrade 8Informational TEKS

How do expository writing and argument writing compare? What similarities and differences do you need to teach your students? This chart identifies the salient qualities and features of each genre …

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Topics:Resource by Grade LevelGrade 8Grade 6Grade 7

My daughter Hayley can argue anything! When she was in middle school if I said the sky was blue she would argue that it was really shades of gray. I …

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Topics:Student Writing SamplesArgumentative/Persuasive WritingGrade 8Grade 6Grade 7

Organization – Informational/Expository writing, by its very nature, requires careful organization. In order to deliver information in a way in which the reader can easily grasp, information must be arranged and …

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Topics:Grade 3Grade 4Grade 2Grade 5Graphic OrganizersGrade 8Grade 6Grade 7

The most powerful way to teach author’s craft is to have students become aware of the way authors use it in their best work. Students begin to read with “author’s …

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Topics:Literature ConnectionGrade 8Grade 6Grade 7