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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

The Simplified Informational Pillar

K-1 Graphic Organizer

First, examine the Informational Pillar used in grade 2 and beyond so that you can see the progression that your students will make as they move beyond grades K and 1.Simplified Informational/Expository Pillar

Now look at the Simplified Informational Pillar for Grades K and 1.

  • You will notice that once again there is an introduction in which the writer names the topic.
  • Now, rather than expecting students to understand the concept of main ideas, we want them to be able to identify facts that match the topic and those become the details in the smaller boxes. Even though there are only two boxes, that does not mean that students are limited to two facts.
  • Finally, there’s a conclusion, to remind students of the importance of restating the topic which shows a “sense of closure.”

Here is an example:

    Giraffes are fascinating creatures. (Introduction) They are taller than any other animal. With their long legs and necks they can eat the leaves off high trees. These large mammals live in Africa. (Facts) They can be seen in most zoos so that you can watch them yourself. (Conclusion)

We use the pillar as a guide to organization. It is used in conjunction with a simple, succinct and practical PREWRITING PLANNER that clearly represents the TOPIC and each FACT – in other words, a simple outline of the piece. This prewriting plan should be used after every piece that is read with the students and to plan a piece of their own informational writing. For the giraffe piece above, the author’s prewriting plan would look like this:

Informational/Expository Prewriting Plan:

Topic: Giraffes
Fact 1: tallest animal
Fact 2: eat leaves off high trees
Fact 3: live in Africa

Author’s Purpose: to inform


Download The Simplified Informational Pillar

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