6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

The Simplified Narrative Writing Diamond

K-1 Graphic Organizer

First, examine the Narrative Writing Diamond used in grade 2 and beyond so that you can see the progression that your students will make as they move beyond grades K and 1.Simplified Narrative Writing Diamond

Now look at the SIMPLIFIED WRITING DIAMOND used in both Kindergarten and grade 1.

  • Point out that the beginning and ending parts of a story are small and the middle (MAIN EVENT) is the largest part of the story.
  • As you teach the corresponding skills throughout the year, you will refer to the simplified diamond.
  • The diamond is not a rigid rule or formulaic pattern, but a basic guide to help students channel their creativity into what others recognize as story.
  • Students need lots of experience talking about stories they have read and how the author extends the middle, by stretching it out. If there is a problem, they should discuss all the things that the character does to try to solve the problem. If there is an adventure or experience, they should discuss each step of the adventure as it progresses.
  • Always refer to the diamond pointing out that the MIDDLE of the story is the LARGEST, most important part of the story.


Download The Simplified Narrative Writing Diamond

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