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What is the Hub?

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My students need lots of practice when it comes to combining sentences using conjunctions. Not only do they need to be able to identify a compound and complex sentence, but they also need to be able to write them correctly so that they can use this powerful skill in their own writing.

I am all about trying to make my class as fun as possible, but sometimes our students just need to write the sentences. I was typing out simple sentences that I wanted them to rewrite when I looked over at my bookshelf and saw the Apples to Apples and PicWits games. The idea came to me. What if I have the students write the sentences to go with the picture using conjunctions and then choose the best sentence that is written correctly and also most appropriate to the picture? So, I pulled out all of the picture cards, provided slips of paper for them to write their sentences on, typed up some new directions, and Viola! I created a whole new game that the kids loved!
You can use this game for practicing any conjunctions. I used it for correlative conjunctions first and then as a review of all conjunctions. I have included my directions and a few examples for you to use! These picture cards are from the game PicWits, which is an older age version of Apples to Apples. * I always hand pic my pictures from the games to be sure that they are appropriate for my classroom:) * If you don't have either of these games, you could just use google images and print them off!

Be sure to check out the lessons on conjunctions on the HUB or in your Editing and Revising Guides for grades 3, 4, &7. 


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        Types of Conjunctions Review    



          Correlative Conjunctions Practice