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Celebrating Holidays: Quick, Yet Powerful Go-To Lessons

Kylene Reed
September 16, 2022

I admit I have been guilty of quickly downloading a TPT lesson just to check the box that I taught something about Columbus, Veteran's Day, or Constitution Day. Now that I have EW in my life, I no longer need those "fluff" lessons to fill my planner. The Empowering Writers' anytime and always skills are perfect for those days! Check out our friends at Emerson Elementary using the DGQ; what does it look like, and Why is it important for Constitution Day. The teacher broke down the lesson, and the students discussed the importance of following rules at different places in their life. Here are a couple of examples from her class! 



The same skill is being taught on my campus in third grade! I love that these are foundational lessons that the students build on EACH YEAR! Common vocabulary and assured experiences for every student. 




How can you use this skill to teach important holidays this year? I'd love to see your examples on my FB group or share them with me at

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