Short Constructed Responses & Non Fiction Text Features

Read Time 2 mins | March 8, 2024 | Written by: Kylene Reed

It doesn't matter which state you are teaching in right now, we are all working to help our students become strategic readers who can write about what they read. We loved this lesson of the month, all about text features and how they help us know more about the topic. If you missed downloading this lesson, here it is for you now!


Even though this lesson focused on learning more about Helen Keller, our teachers used this lesson with topics throughout the month. Within a few times practicing this, students could identify nonfiction text features in their reading and tell you what it looked like and why it was important! 


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I would love to see how you use these response-to-text feature questions in your classroom on my Love to Write and Read All Day FB group!

Kylene Reed