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Detail Generating Questions: Becoming a Scientist

Kylene Reed
September 22, 2022

Our third-grade classes were busy this month learning all about animals and their habitats. They brought the Detail Generating Questions into their science lesson when defining a zoologist. This tool is one of those that can be used every-time-your-students-write... YES, all the time! The more practice they have with it the more they will use it in their own independent writing.

To begin the lesson, the teachers prepared slides with images of different zoologists at work. Then they planned a Dress Like A Zoologist day at school where students could pick their favorite outfits with all the essentials needed to be a zoologist.  zoo3 Mrs. Covel made it even more fun by bringing items for the kids to dress her up in on their Dress Like A Zoologist day at school.

zoo4Students had to choose the best pieces that would be the most beneficial for her as a zoologist. They had to then write what that item looked like, and why it was important for her to have. To make it even better, they also had to tell items that were not appropriate for the job and why!



It was such a fun day of learning, one I am sure the kids will remember for a long time!

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