5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

Literary Analysis: Short Constructed Response with Novels

Kylene Reed
January 31, 2023

Our fourth graders, and other Texas schools using Amplify, are reading Treasure Island as a novel study this month. Mrs. Tucker has been hard at work utilizing her time in this adventure story to tie in the short constructed response tasks that students have to write on our STAAR test this year. It is a work in progress adding the new characters as we learn more about them, but I was too excited not to share! I keep hearing from teacher after teacher across our state, "Where can we find SCR prompts?" They are built into the lessons you are already doing. Any comprehension question analyzing the literary elements within your narrative text can become an SCR. She is modeling, and students write their own multiple times per week. Here are a few of her student samples. Super proud of Rikki and her amazing students' hard work this year. This doesn't happen overnight. A process of assured experiences, common vocabulary, and dedication gets our students to this point. She is a true blessing to our school and her students. 

Be sure to check out all of the lessons in your HUB guide on responding to text. They are perfect for giving you and your students the tools needed to generate this type of writing!




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