Preposition Bingo- December

Read Time 3 mins | November 30, 2020 | Written by: Kylene Reed

It's time to start reviewing prepositions again and I can't wait to go back to this lesson that I did last year. (At our own desks and with our masks on:)) You could easily adapt this lesson and use a poem, Christmas song, or PDF narrative story to allow this to be done online! 

Most of you know that before I taught 6th grade, I spent five years teaching 4th-grade ELAR, which is where I fell in love with EW. I still refer back to many of the foundation lessons and student reference pages for skills that my sixth graders need to review.

To begin, I used the student pages that reviewed prepositions and prepositional phrases. These lessons focused on just simply identifying and underlining the preposition and the phrase. What I love about the lessons in the Editing and Revising Guide is that they scaffold so easily. The lessons move from simple identification to extending sentences, to writing their own. After reviewing these lessons with my students, I wanted to bring in a lesson that I could use my Christmas books with! So, I made up this bingo card and printed one for each student in my class. Next, I had students use the student reference chart that lists the commonly used prepositions and had them label one in each square on their card. I took the list and copied the words onto index cards that I could use for drawing cards. 


1.Students chose one Christmas book from my library to use for the entire game.

2. I drew a preposition card and called it out loud.

3. Students had one minute to find an example of the preposition used in their Christmas book and put their finger on it.

4. Once the timer went off, students had to share the sentence that the preposition was found in, tell the object of the preposition, and the prepositional phrase with their table group. 

5. Once their table agreed that it was correct, they got to place a bead on the appropriate square.

This was such a fun time for all! One, they loved getting to read my Christmas books, and two, they got in some great practice on identifying the prepositions, object of the preposition, and prepositional phrases used in the Christmas stories!


I have included the bingo card that I made (FYI- nothing fancy!) for you to download if you want to use this lesson in your classroom as well. Due to time, I ended up just giving a prize (Christmas pencil or pencil top eraser from the dollar store) to the student or students that had the most beads on their board at the end of the time I had allowed. We played the game for the first 10 minutes of class this week, and they loved it! Just click the bingo board below to download and enjoy!

grammar, extension lesson, literature connection, preposition

grammar, extension lesson, literature connection, preposition     grammar, extension lesson, literature connection, preposition

grammar, extension lesson, literature connection, preposition





Kylene Reed