6 Best Writing Lessons Ever
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6 Best Writing Lessons Ever

Writing about Science: Weather Pick List Choose

Kylene Reed
February 26, 2022

weather1Our second-grade students are starting their first process piece this year! I was lucky enough to get to model EW's Pick, List, Choose to help them generate main ideas and details that they can use in their rewriting plan and summarizing frameworks.  I love that these PLC lessons help to generate background knowledge that students have on the topic. Through the use of the Informational Pillar, students are then able to wrap their minds around how the piece will be structured. I am so excited to share the entire process with you as they work through their piece!


Remember, what makes EW so amazing is that you can teach and practice these skills with any topic you are learning about in any subject! So, maximize your time and make that reading/writing connection all throughout the day!




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