5 Best Lessons on Constructed Response

Writing in Science... What's Your Hypothesis?

Kylene Reed
January 29, 2023

It's amazing how much writing our third graders are doing right now.  Mrs. Coval's hard work during her reading and writing blocks is showing off in other parts of her students' day. Her students are truly blessed to spend their day with her. During a science experiment this past week, she was amazed by the students' independent writing differences. In explaining their hypothesis and summarizing the findings from the experiment, students were writing in complete sentences, using specific supporting details (this is my favorite part!!), and applying the grammar rules they had learned. The skills taught in generating writing and responding to text pay off! This was such a fun, quick activity that is perfect if you are somewhere warm that isn't getting snow this winter season!

snowscience5  snowscience6   snowscience7

Check out these student samples!



meltingsnowmanShe found this kit on amazon to use for the experiment!

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