Fall is in the Air! K-1 First, Next, Last Lesson

Read Time 3 mins | September 9, 2023 | Written by: Kylene Reed

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I had a great time teaching this lesson in one of our first-grade classrooms this last week! Check out some of my modeled charts from the lesson and the finished samples with their "Leaf Man"! If you would like to download this lesson to use,  click the book below to get it now:)!

K-1 writing lesson the leaf man

Here are the charts that I created during my modeled lesson. First, we charted words that we heard as we read that told how the leaf moved. I then added additional words with the students. As I wrote them on the list, I asked if they had ever heard that word before... the connections they were making "blew" me away! It was so exciting! This chart can be left up all year for students to use in other writing pieces too. 

K-1 Writing lesson

Next, we talked about first, next, and last ordering words. I modeled where my leaf man might go first, then next, and last with the students. Then, we made a chart of all of the places students would like their leaf man to travel. 

                     K-1 Writing lesson                                   K-1 Writing lesson






Students then took a copy of the first, next, last template back to their seats where they decided where their leaf man would travel. They could borrow from the list we created together, or they could use a word of their own. 

             K-1 student sample      K-1 student sample

Look at these cute samples!




Kylene Reed